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— Advisors & Partners —
Asger Bing
— Danish —
Sasha Schwendenwein
Investigative Journalist
— South African —
Gregory Rocco
Editor InvestFeed
— American —
Lisbeth Kirk
Founder, EU Observer
— Danish —
David Dizon
— Danish —
Marquise Stillwell
Founder, Open Box
— American —
“Decentralize Influence, Distribute Truth”
Martynas Mockapetris
Frontend Dev
— Lithuanian —

Martynas is a talented frontend developer extremely passionate about HTML and CSS. Loves to take code into works of beauty. He is making Media Sifters, Alpha and main website look works off art.
Stefan Canariov
Lead Generator
— Russian —

Stefan passionate about lead generation. He has successfully helped many a startup get off the ground. His interest in media has significantly grown recently and he is envisioning himself within this challenging field for the
years to come.
Valentin Ciocirlan
Partnership Lead
— Romanian —

Valentin has an innate ability to create bonds and connections with people. He started his career in media and his passion for digital marketing and branding, in particular, makes him a perfect media ambassador.
Ezequiel Djeredjian
Communications Lead
— Argentinian —

With 8 years of experience in agencies, startups and corporations, Ezequiel is a digital marketer and storyteller. He is passionate about the new possibilities blockchain technologies bring.
Matthias Roedl
Protocol / Game Theorist
— German —

Scientific background in game and decision theory, Finance Professional
Matthias works on constructing a sound game theoretical framework underlying the MS protocol. His main focus is on aligning individual and community interests as well as short and
long term incentives.
Aurora Hotta
— Finnish —

Aurora is a critical thinker and researcher with a Master’s in Information Sciences & Communication Culture. Particularly interested in the social aspects of the Internet, social media &
human-computer interaction,
Web Full Stacker
— American —

Extremely talented full stack web dev
who has been architecting and building systems and platform for the likes of Tidal,  Peergrade, coRelate. Colin is
helping build our web platform.
Colin Hill
Protocol Lead / Behavioural Scientist

Applied behavioural science professional, Asbjørn works to ensure that the MS Protocol empowers peoples choices with the most useful information. Supporting reflective thinking, curbing information overload and confirmation bias are key concepts in this work.
Asbjørn Lauwersen
Adis Begic
Blockchain Lead
— Bosnian —

Playing with an enigma machine instead of toys as a child, evoked his interest for cryptography and coding very early. Adis is working on creating DApp solutions by bridging business knowledge with blockchain dexterity.
Cyrus Clarke
COO / Founder
— English —

Cyrus wants to shake up the media machine. He believes in decentralising information and giving power to the community. He brings a wealth of experience from his work with Channel 4 and is the former digital innovation
lead at L'Oréal.
John Ferreira
CEO, Founder
— South African —

Service and Interaction designer, with 10 years building and designing systems, working at previously at Samsung Design Europe, Fjord London, EA Games / Need for Speed. Media Sifter is his attempt in better helping support free expression and access to good information for all.
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Jake: @Bob: None.. No one has found
any, appears to be a click bait article
Bob: @Sally What evidence is
there to back up the claims?
Sally: Found 10 articles,
3 videos and 32 tweets
Bob: What news
coverage is there on it?
Gary: There has been
an incident in Spain!
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